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Logo representation of the signal sequence alignment
Sequence consensus at 60% identity conservation and aternative amino acids found at each position
      G I R M I V I M G M S G A F T S S L T L I P L G R 
              V S V L C P F L I T W I A I G P S N   D G 
                L S I         G   V Q R D A T T S   A   
                  A           S   S A N   I F P         
                              L     N I   D   Y         
Amino acid frequency per position (211 signal sequences)
PositionConsensusAmino acid occurence
1 M M(115)
2 G G(116)
3 M M(118)
4 R R(117) G(0)
5 M M(117) I(0)
6 X R(1)
7 X M(1)
8 M M(208) I(0) V(0)
9 F F(202) V(2) S(2) L(1)
10 T T(188) I(17) V(1) S(0) A(0)
11 V V(183) M(23) L(1) I(0)
12 F F(208) G(0) C(0)
13 L L(201) M(6) P(1)
14 L L(206) S(1) F(1)
15 V V(208) G(0) L(0)
16 V V(198) A(5) I(1) G(1) S(0) L(0)
17 L L(198) F(8) T(0)
18 A A(180) T(23) W(1) V(1) S(0)
19 T T(183) S(10) I(9) Q(1) A(1) N(0)
20 T T(184) S(9) A(9) R(1) N(0) I(0)
21 V V(196) L(8) I(0) D(0)
22 V V(176) T(9) G(4) A(4) I(2) D(1) L(1) S(0)
23 S S(168) L(8) P(4) T(1) F(0)
24 F F(38) I(8) S(6) T(1) P(0) Y(0)
25 T T(35) P(10) N(3) S(0)
26 S S(42) L(5)
27 X G(8) D(6) A(0)
28 X R(4) G(1)
Signal sequence alignment
A superfamily CcTx precursor [Conus consors]. (6154)                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSIPS--
A superfamily conotoxin Ca1.5 precursor [Conus caracteristicus]. (6044)     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTSDR
A superfamily conotoxin Ca1.6 precursor [Conus caracteristicus]. (6045)     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTSDR
A superfamily conotoxin Co1.2 precursor [Conus coronatus]. (6027)           MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATAVVSSTS--
A superfamily conotoxin Co1.4 precursor [Conus coronatus]. (6029)           MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLAIAVVSFTS--
A superfamily conotoxin Co1.5 precursor [Conus coronatus]. (6030)           MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLAIAVVSFTS--
A superfamily conotoxin Eb1.1 precursor [Conus ebraeus]. (6046)             MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLATTVVSFTS--
A superfamily conotoxin Eb1.6 precursor [Conus ebraeus]. (6049)             MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLAIAVVSFTS--
A superfamily conotoxin Ec1.2 precursor [Conus emaciatus]. (6053)           MGMRM--MFIVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
A superfamily conotoxin Ec1.4 precursor [Conus emaciatus]. (6055)           MGMRM--MFIVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
A superfamily conotoxin Ec1.5 precursor [Conus emaciatus]. (6056)           MGMRM--MFIVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
A superfamily conotoxin Ec1.6 precursor [Conus emaciatus]. (6057)           MGMRM--MFIVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
A superfamily conotoxin Ec1.7 precursor [Conus emaciatus]. (6146)           MGMRM--MFIVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
A superfamily conotoxin Ec1.8b precursor [Conus emaciatus]. (6145)          MGMRM--MFIVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
A superfamily conotoxin Lv1.12 precursor [Conus lividus]. (6039)            MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTSDR
A superfamily conotoxin Lv1.13 precursor [Conus lividus]. (6040)            MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLAIAVVSFTS--
A superfamily conotoxin Lv1.9 precursor [Conus lividus]. (6036)             MGMRM--MLTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
A superfamily conotoxin Qc1.13 precursor [Conus quercinus]. (6065)          MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLAITVVSFTS--
A superfamily conotoxin Qc1.9 precursor [Conus quercinus]. (6063)           MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLATTVVSFTS--
A superfamily conotoxin S1.10b precursor [Conus striatus]. (6150)           MGMRM--MFIVFLLVVLATTVVSFPS--
A superfamily conotoxin S4.4 precursor [Conus striatus]. (6061)             MGMRM--MFTVFLSVVLATTVVSTPS--
A superfamily conotoxin Tr1.1c precursor [Conus terebra]. (6147)            MGMRM--MFIVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
A-conotoxin peptide precursor Fla1.1 [Conus flavidus]. (6006)               MGMRM--IFTVFLLVALATTVASFTL--
A-conotoxin peptide precursor Fla1.6 [Conus flavidus]. (6010)               MGMRM--MFTVFLLVALATTVASFTL--
A-conotoxin peptide precursor Fla1.8 [Conus flavidus]. (6012)               MGMRM--MLTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
A4.1 precursor (3917)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
A4.2 precursor (3920)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Ac1.1a precursor (570)                                                      MGMRM--MFTLFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
Ac1.1b precursor (545)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVSYPS--
Ac1.1b precursor (571)                                                      MGMRM--MFTLFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
Ac1.1b precursor (2989)                                                     -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
Ac1.2 precursor (2987)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
Ac4.1 precursor (3914)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTLVSIP---
Ac4.2 precursor (3915)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTLVS-----
Ai1.1 precursor (2943)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Ai1.2 precursor (2945)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSS----
AuIA precursor (2878)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
AuIB precursor (2879)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Bn1.1 precursor (19)                                                        MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Bn1.3 precursor (20)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATA--------
Bt1.1 precursor (2906)                                                      -------MFSVFLLVVLATTVVSSTSG-
Bt1.2 precursor (2908)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTSG-
Bt1.3 precursor (2910)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTSG-
Bt1.4 precursor (2912)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Bt1.5 precursor (2914)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTSG-
Bt1.6 precursor (2991)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Bt1.61 precursor (4563)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
Bt1.91 precursor (4564)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
Bu1.1 precursor (2931)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVV----LA------
Bu1.2 precursor (2933)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Bu1.3 precursor (4576)                                                      MGMRMRMMFTVFLLVVLANTVVS-----
Bu1.3 precursor (2935)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Bu19 precursor (4574)                                                       MGMRM--VFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Bu23 precursor (4581)                                                       MGMRM--MVTVFLLGVLATTVVS-----
Bu24 precursor (4583)                                                       MGMRM--MVTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Bu25 precursor (4585)                                                       MGMRM--MVTVFPLVVLATTVVS-----
BuIA precursor (409)                                                        -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
C4.1 precursor (3923)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVGLATTLVSIPSDG
C4.1b precursor (3925)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVGLATTLVSIPSDG
C4.2 precursor (3924)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
C4.3 precursor (3926)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLTITVVS-----
Ca1.1 precursor (11)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Ca1.2 precursor (13)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Ci1.1 precursor (2922)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Ci1.2 precursor (2924)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Ci1.3 precursor (2995)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLAATVVS-----
Cn1.2 precursor (2939)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Cn4.1 precursor (3937)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Cn4.2 precursor (3938)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Cn4.3 precursor (3939)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Cn4.4 precursor (3940)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
CnIA/B/K precursor (5532)                                                   MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
CnIA/B/L precursor (5244)                                                   MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
CnIC/F/H precursor (5542)                                                   MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
CnIC/F/H precursor (5533)                                                   MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
CnID precursor (5241)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
CnIH precursor (2902)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
CnIH precursor (3711)                                                       -------MFTVGLLVVLTTTVVS-----
CnIJ precursor (3933)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
Cr4.1 precursor (3931)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Di1.1 precursor (5898)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Di1.2 precursor (5899)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Di1.3 precursor (2937)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
E1.1 precursor (3002)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVGS-----
EI precursor (3000)                                                         -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVGS-----
EIIA precursor (3910)                                                       -------MFIVFLLVVLATTVGSFTL--
EIIA precursor (3911)                                                       -------MFIVFLLVVLATTVGSFTL--
EpI precursor (2925)                                                        -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Eu1.3 precursor (4506)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATAVLP-----
Eu1.6 precursor (4548)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
G1.5 precursor (5705)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVALATTVVS-----
G1.6 precursor (5707)                                                       MGMRI--MFTVFLLVALATIVVS-----
G1.7 precursor (5709)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLFLVLATTDVS-----
G1.8 precursor (5715)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
G1.9 precursor (5717)                                                       -GMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
G4.1 precursor (5719)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
G4.1 precursor (5723)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVA-WQRLVSS----
G4.2 precursor (5721)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVSTWQRLS------
GI precursor (5714)                                                         MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
GI precursor (2975)                                                         -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
GIB precursor (2983)                                                        -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
GIB precursor (5713)                                                        --MRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
GID precursor (5711)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLAATIVS-----
GII precursor (5712)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
GII precursor (4221)                                                        -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Im1.8 precursor (4593)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATAVLP-----
Im1.95 precursor (4066)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
ImIIA precursor (78)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATA--------
LeD2 precursor (544)                                                        MGMRM--MFIMFMLVVLATTV-------
Lp1.1 precursor (119)                                                       MGMRM--MFIMFMLVVLATTVVTFTS--
Lp1.1 precursor (543)                                                       MGMRM--MFIMFMLVVLATTV-------
Lp1.2 precursor (120)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Lp1.3 precursor (121)                                                       MGMRM--MFIMFMLVVLATTVVS-----
Lp1.4 precursor (122)                                                       MGMRM--MFIMFMLVVLATTVVSFTS--
Lp1.4 precursor (546)                                                       MGMRM--MSIMFMLVVLATTVVSFTS--
Lp1.5 precursor (126)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVILASTV-------
Lp1.6a precursor (547)                                                      MGMRM--MFIIFLFVVLATTVVSFTSG-
Lp1.7 precursor (553)                                                       MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLTTTVVSFNS--
Lp1.8 precursor (552)                                                       MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLTTTVVSFNS--
Lt1.46 precursor (4065)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
Lt1C precursor (1152)                                                       MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLTTTVVSF----
LtIA precursor (1151)                                                       MGMRM--MFIMFMLVVLATTVVTFTS--
M1.1 precursor (2999)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
M4.2 precursor (3943)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
M4.3 precursor (3944)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATSVVS-----
MII precursor (8)                                                           MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
MIVA precursor (18)                                                         MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Mi1.1 precursor (2492)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Mn1.1 precursor (2985)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
Mn1.2 precursor (2993)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVS-----
Mn4.1 precursor (3949)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTLVSI----
Mn4.2 precursor (3950)                                                      -------MFTVFPLVVLATTLVSIPSDR
Mr1.1 precursor (123)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Mr1.1 precursor (5365)                                                      MGMRM--MSTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Mr1.2 precursor (127)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTS--
Mr1.3 precursor (541)                                                       MGMRM--MFTMCLLVVLATTVISFTS--
Mr1.7 precursor (4532)                                                      MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLATTVV------
Mr1.8 precursor (4571)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
O1.1 precursor (2947)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSP----
O1.2 precursor (2949)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
O1.3 precursor (2951)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLSTTVVSS----
P1.10 precursor (3004)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLVTTVVS-----
PIA precursor (3011)                                                        -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVGS-----
PIVA precursor (4222)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
Pn1.1 precursor (2916)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVIS-----
Pn1.2 precursor (2918)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
PnIB precursor (36)                                                         MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
PnMGMR-02 precursor (37)                                                    MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Pu1.1 precursor (542)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTS--
Pu1.4 precursor (2863)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Pu1.5 precursor (2865)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVILATTVVP-----
Pu1.6 precursor (2867)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLVT---------
Pu14.1 precursor (3761)                                                     MGMRM--MFAVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Pu14.2 precursor (3760)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVDS-----
Pu14.3 precursor (3759)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVDS-----
Qc1.1a precursor (117)                                                      MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLAITVVSFTS--
Qc1.1b precursor (551)                                                      MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLAITVVSFTS--
Qc1.2 precursor (118)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVALATTVASFTL--
Qc1.4 precursor (125)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVTS-----
QcaL-1 precursor (548)                                                      MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLATTVVSIN---
Qcal-2 precursor (549)                                                      MGMRM--MFTMFLLVVLATTVVSFN---
R1.1 precursor (2977)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLTITVVS-----
R1.2 precursor (2979)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
R1.3 precursor (2997)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
RegIIA precursor (5529)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLTTTVVSS----
S1.1 precursor (12)                                                         MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLAITVVS-----
S1.8 precursor (3958)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
S1.9 precursor (3959)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
SI precursor (76)                                                           MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
SII precursor (3900)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
SII precursor (91)                                                          MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFPS--
SII precursor (3954)                                                        -------MFTVFLLVVLTTTVV------
SII precursor (9)                                                           MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
SIVA precursor (94)                                                         MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
SIVA precursor (3960)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATNVV------
SIVB precursor (2523)                                                       MGMRM--MFTVFLSVVLATTVVSTPS--
Sm1.1 precursor (2981)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Sm1.2 precursor (2920)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Sm1.3 precursor (2904)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Sm4.2 precursor (3952)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
SmIVA precursor (21)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
SmIVB precursor (2528)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSIPS--
Sp1.1 precursor (2927)                                                      -------MSTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Sp1.2 precursor (2929)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVAS-----
SrIA/SrIB precursor (3751)                                                  MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Su1.1 precursor (2892)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Su1.2 precursor (2894)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Su1.3 precursor (2896)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Su1.4 precursor (2898)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Su1.5 precursor (2900)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVLLATTVVS-----
Su1.6 precursor (3006)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVP-----
Su1.7 precursor (3008)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Su1.8 precursor (3010)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Sx4.1 precursor (3961)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
T1.1 precursor (2888)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
T1.2 precursor (2890)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
Tx1 precursor (2880)                                                        -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFSSG-
Tx1 precursor (52)                                                          MGMRM--MFVVFLLVVLASTVVS-----
Tx1.2 precursor (2884)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTSG-
Tx1.3 precursor (2886)                                                      -------MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTSG-
Tx2 precursor (53)                                                          MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVS-----
TxIA precursor (2882)                                                       -------MFTVFLLVVLATAVVS-----
Vc1.2 precursor (4199)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVFFTSDR
Vc1.3 precursor (4201)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSFTS--
VcIA precursor (499)                                                        MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVVSSTSG-
Vi1.6 precursor (4567)                                                      MGMRM--MFVVFLLVVFASSVTL-----
Vi1.7 precursor (4547)                                                      MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
Vt1.23 precursor (4062)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVI------
Vt1.24 precursor (4064)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
Vt1.27 precursor (4063)                                                     MGMRM--MFTVFLLVVLATTVV------
putative peptide precursor (77)                                             --MGMRMMFTVFLLVVLATTVVPITLA-