ConoMass (step 1): differential PTM mass computation

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The sequence file may contain several sequences, which will be treated one by one. Please note that ConoPrec is a not a transcriptome analysis facility, and the processing will stop if it takes too long (30 min). Typically consider submitting no more than 500 sequences at a time.

Modification of cysteines

  • Cysteines reduced
  • Cysteines alkylated (iodoacetamide)
  • Cysteines alkylated (maleimide)
  • Cysteines alkylated (N-acethylmaleimide)

Differential post-translational modifications

  • Exopeptidases [PAM,CPE]
  • N-terminal amidation
  • Pyroglutamylation
  • Glutamate carboxylation
  • Proline hydroxylation
  • Valine hydroxylation
  • Tryptophane bromination
  • Tyrosine sulfation
  • Glycosylation [disabled for now] max # hexoses max # N-acetyl-hexoses

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