GeXIVA[globular] (P08687) Protein Card

General Information
Name GeXIVA[globular] (named by ConoServer)
Alternative name(s) GeXIVA[1-3]
Organism Conus generalis
Organism region Indo-Pacific
Organism diet vermivorous
Protein Type Wild type
Protein precursor GeXIVA precursor (5224)

GeXIVA inhibits Sf9 cell growth (Gao et al., 2013). There is a discrepancy in the sequence initally published in GenBank in 2012 and the sequence published in peer-reviewed journals (involving the same authors).

Yousuf et al. (2021) discovered that GeXIVA[globular] i) affects the membrane excitability of mouse DRG neurons, and ii) acts through the GABAB pathway to inhibit calcium current and iii) also reversibly potentiates GIRK1/2 channels. 1 µM GeXIVA[globular] inhibited Ba2+ current amplitude by 29+/-6%.

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily O1 superfamily
Cysteine framework XIV
Pharmacological family alpha conotoxin

Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 3452.92
Monoisotopic Mass 3450.62
Isoelectric Point 12.80
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] 4470.00


IC50: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

α9α10H. sapiens198.6 nM+/-18.96 uM AChWu X et al. (2017)
R. norvegicus22.7 nM[11.8-43.5]0.7810 uM AChLuo,S. et al. (2015)

Percentage inhibition: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

TargetOrganism% inhibitionConcentrationAgonistRef
α9α10H. sapiens37+/-2100 nM6 uM AChWu X et al. (2017)

Gao,B., Zhangsun,D., Wu,Y., Lin,B., Zhu,X. and Luo,S. (2013) Expression, renaturation and biological activity of recombinant conotoxin GeXIVAWT. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 97:1223-1230
Luo,S., Zhangsun,D., Harvey,P.J., Kaas,Q., Wu,Y., Zhu,X., Hu,Y., Li,X., Tsetlin,V.I., Christensen,S., Romero,H.K., McIntyre,M., Dowell,C., Baxter,J.C., Elmslie,K.S., Craik,D.J. and McIntosh,J.M. (2015) Cloning, synthesis, and characterization of αO-conotoxin GeXIVA, a potent α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 112-35
Xu, P., Kaas, Q., Wu, Y., Zhu, X., Li, X., Harvey, P.J., Zhangsun, D., Craik, D.J. and Luo, S (2020) Structure and Activity Studies of Disulfide-Deficient Analogues of αO-Conotoxin GeXIVA Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Yousuf,A., Wu,X., Bony,A.R., Sadeghi,M., Huang,Y.H., Craik,D.J., Adams,D.J. (2021) αO-Conotoxin GeXIVA isomers modulate N-type calcium (CaV 2.2) channels and inwardly-rectifying potassium (GIRK) channels via GABAB receptor activation J Neurochem

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