X11.1 (P08498) Protein Card

General Information
Name X11.1 (named by ConoServer)
Alternative name(s) I1_xm11a
Organism Conus ximenes
Organism region Eastern Pacific
Protein Type Wild type
Notes X11.1 was tested at 100 μg/mL (24 μM) on the H37Rv strain, its activity is at a micromolar concentration. The MIC of X11.1 is 3 μM,which is potent to be used in anti-TB therapy.

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily
Cysteine framework XI
Pharmacological family

Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 4112.66
Monoisotopic Mass 4109.69
Isoelectric Point 10.40
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] 5500.00

Figueroa-Montiel, A., Bernáldez, J., Jiménez, S., Ueberhide, B., González, L. and Licea-Navarro, A. (2018) Antimycobacterial activity: A new pharmacological target for conotoxins found in the first reported conotoxin from Conasprella ximenes Toxins 10:51

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